Hot and cold drinking water

While it may be very refreshing to quench your thirst with clear, chilled drinking water, there are also times when having hot water on tap for making beverages such as tea, coffee and even soups is an attractive feature that water dispenser Singapore suppliers have begun to include in their range.

Child proof locks 

Many water dispenser Singapore companies now sell dispensing units which include additional safety features such a child-proof taps. Children are naturally curious; however, these special taps with child safety locks on them can help reduce the risk of accidental scalding or burning.

Easy handling

Another new feature now being included with many different types of water dispenser Singapore outlets offer is the inclusion of easy-to-use handles located on the side of the dispensing unit, which make it easier for anyone to relocate the unit if or when desired. This can help prevent injury or accidents and certainly makes moving the water dispense an easier task than before.

Drip tray

A well designed drip tray will stop water from dribbling or being spilt onto the floor, which may cause someone to slip and fall, and the best models of water dispenser Singapore companies provide are of the removable type which means they can be easily extracted and cleaned, to maintain the unit in the most hygienic conditions possible.

Effective insulation

In the type of water dispenser Singapore suppliers provide which has both hot and cold water, it is essential to keep the hot water ‘hot’ until it is required for use. This is done by using insulation around the hot water storage container. The best models use glass wool insulation, which is fire-resistant, longer lasting and more reliable than traditional open cell foam insulation. Temperature regulation

It is important that chilled water and hot water are maintained at the correct temperature. Not only to avoid scalding when dispensed, or water which is too cold to drink, but also to optimize the operation of the unit in terms of energy consumption. Chilling or heating the water in excess of what is required is wasteful and can result in unwelcome energy bills. The best models of water dispenser Singapore companies supply come with dedicated thermostats and regulators to ensure the optimal functioning of the unit and that chilled water for drinking and hot water for making beverages are always dispensed at the ideal temperatures.

Additional Storage

Certain models of water dispenser Singapore agents sell make use of the built in chilling system to provide an additional ‘cold storage’ area. This can be ideal for keeping snacks, fruit, food or canned drinks until they are needed, and may provide enough space to avoid the installation of a separate refrigerator for such purposes, which are often subsequently underused.

Environmentally friendly

There are now various models of water dispenser Singapore outlets offer which have been recognized as being more energy efficient and kinder to the environment as a result. This means lower energy bills to run them and also helps to reduce emissions and waste of non-renewable energy sources while operating the dispenser.

These are just some of the features you should consider when choosing one of the many water dispenser models available in Singapore.