BASIC / STANDARD installation of water dispenser covers setting up the water dispenser, connecting the water dispenser to water source via 6.5mm diameter tubing, preferably within 2m long. A valve will be added, in case user needs to switch off water into the water dispenser. As electricity is required, power point is required. Without an extension, power point is preferred to be within 1m away from dispenser.

If there is a sink in your pantry, chances are, you could use the BASIC / STANDARD installation we provide.

If your water point is in the bathroom, there could be a need to get a contractor to quote and provide piping works or wall drilling. We will be happy to discuss the feasibility with you. You might want to send a few pictures of the area of the water source and the place where you might want to have the water dispenser at to 9001-6441 via WhatsApp so we could do Free assessment. We could do a site visit should it be neccessary.

Baisc installation, which we provide as a complimentary free service (on promotion basis), may therefore be not comprehensive in some situations where more piping or contractor work is required. What Basic installation does not cover:

  • – Drilling of very hard/ thick surfaces such as solid wall, marble, quartz, granite tops, etc (wooden planks, fiber glass, plaster wall and – cupboards are usually ok)
  • – Copper or PVC extension piping works
  • – Electrical works to extend cable
  • – Electrical works to install a power point

Extended installation could be done by our technicians or 3rd party contractors, subject to further discussion of your requirement.

Here are some of the installations we have done – Gallery