• This product is for in-door use only.
  • Do not incline more than 45 degree when moving the product.
  • After moving, please turn on the power in 1 hour.
  • Before turn on the power, please make the water tank full.
  • Before turn on the power, please check the electricity specification of the product.


  1. Please turn-off the main water supply valve.
  2. Please detach the cold water tap from the city water pipe.
  3. Please find the pipe connector in the product kit, make it is turned off, and connect it to the city water pipe.
  4. Please find the plastic tube in the product kit and connect the pipe connector to the water inlet of the product.Flushing! : After installation (or replacing a filter), black carbon particle will be included in the water. You should not drink this black water and let the water pass through the filter for 10 minutes.
    (Please do the flushing according to the number 4 and 5 below.)
  5. Please disconnect the plastic tube between the last filter and the water tanks.
  6. Please prepare plastic tube and connect only to the outlet of the last filter for the water to pass through filters and flow to the sewage.
  7. Turn-on the main water supply valve and pipe connector to supply water into the product.
  8. Please push the cold and hot water taps and take some water to make sure that the water tanks are full.
  9. Please turn on the electric power after make sure that the water tanks are filled with water.

When You Do Not Use the Product for a Long Time

  1. Please turn off the power and disconnect the power plug.
  2. Please turn off the main water supply valve.
  3. Please drain the water from the product.
  4. Please open the drainage cap on the back of the product and drain the water.