Relocation of water dispenser – Disconnection of water and preparation to transport

Option 1: (Transport + installation charge)

We can disconnect the water dispenser at your current (old) premise and move the dispenser for you to your new premise and then re-install dispenser for you at ne premise.

Option 2: (Cheaper as its just installation charge)

If your mover can transport the water dispenser to the new premise, we will take care of the installation at new premise (we will need to have a pic of the new location so we can see what is needed for installation at the new premise).

This is how you can disconnect the dispenser so mover can move:

  1. Switch off electricity and water valve.
  2. Drain off the cold water at where you usually use cup to get chilled water
  3. Prepare a small pail. Cut/remove the white tubing near water valve.
  4. Drain the remaining water from the tube and secure tubing to dispenser.
  5. Transport dispenser to new location with dispenser STANDING up.

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