Hot & Cold Water Coolers or Dispensers price depends on a various factors.

Features & Details, Fancy Wanna-haves
Hot water function, cold water function, child-lock for hot water are basic functionalities. Some machines are designed to produce sparkling water, some focus on chilled water, like the stainless steel Water Cooler type (like what we use in schools).

Other good to have and to some people, must haves, could include tepid or room temperature water options or multi temperature water, indications of water filter change, dual output for water faucet too, auto night light, motion sensor energy saving mode, ease of changing filters, auto sterilization, talking dispensers, you name it, they have it.

Usually machines that cost more will look better too. But if are looking to place the water cooler in factory or commercial kitchen or backend where you don’t really need a heads to turn, you could still get not so pretty but functionable ones at lower prices. Korean or taiwan made water dispensers and coolers are quite popular in Singapore as they dont cost an arm or leg. There are european designed water coolers that look soo cool, like this italian BLUPURA’s all stainless steel water cooler. The cost of this exterior is definitely higher than most Korean or Taiwanese made plastic & metal exterior.

Let’s face it. A fancy showroom, advertisements, ambassadors, they all cost.

Quality of filters and type of filters determine the water quality and if you are in a place where manicipal treated water is still not as good as in Singapore, or theres specific contaminant you are looking to remove, you might have to consider reverse osmosis. Reverse Osmosis water coolers require a pump and maybe discharge of water. All other things equal, Reverse Osmosis water coolers can cost slightly more too.

We have water cooler starting in the price range of $688 onwards to below $4000. Browse at Water Dispensers