170S-MP Pour-in Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Counter

SKU W2-170S-MP


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ONE year standard warranty (exclusive of dispenser spigots/taps)

Hyundai Waco

Various Color option

Safety spigot

Press button to push lever for hot water. Safety button prevents scalds from accident and protects young children.

Model number: W2-170S MP
Description: Hot & Cold water dispenser
Material of body: ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension: 310×300×530(h)mm
Weight: 20kgs
Cold tank capacity: 3 liters
Hot tank capacity: 1.5 liters
Material of tanks: Stainless steel
Compressor: DAWOO or LG (optional)
Temperature of Cold water: 4~7℃
Temperature of Hot water: 80~90℃
Temperature control: By two sensors(bimetal)
The brand: “HI SEOUL”
The manufacturer and Origin: HYUNDAI WACORTEC, Korea

Cleaner & better tasting water, Easy to replace filter, Big capacity, Superior filtration system, Clear pot to monitor water level
Filtration: 5 Stages
Size: 400mm(H)x270mm(W)x270mm(L)
Life Recommended of Cartridges: 3,000 Litres
Total Capacity: 16 Liters
Replace after 3 to 6 months

Refill the funnel with water directly from the tap
Hydrophilic membrane filtration removes sediment, suspended solids, heavy metal, chlorine, odour and bacteria
Mineralization: Balance of Zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals for healthy alkaline mineral water.
Activation: adjust PH level, soften water by removal of hardness lons of more than 70% improves taste and appearance of water.
The result is water ideally suited for preparing food and drinks

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