Whether you choose to install bottled or plumbed-in water dispensers in your office, either will provide quality, clean drinking water for you and your employees, either refreshingly cool or hot for making aromatic tea or other beverages.

Cool, fresh water is refreshing and healthy and people love drinking it. Dedicated water dispensers in the office are an ideal way to provide it. Such machines have become very popular, not only in offices and other work environments such as factories and stores, but also at home as well. Nowadays, everybody can enjoy clean cool water for drinking or hot water for making beverages from these useful dispensers, the reason why they can now be seen almost everywhere where people spend time, either at work or at home.

Bottled water dispensers

In some offices, bottled water dispensers are the obvious choice. They can be provided wherever they are needed and simply replaced when they are empty. They are easily located according to where people are working at any time; ideal for temporary work sites such as in construction and similar situations or any other temporary work station. These water dispensers come in a variety of sizes and include models which are ideal for use at home on the countertop as well as larger capacity models which can be as tall as 5 feet.

Another reason for choosing such water dispensers is the fact that it is not always possible to locate a dispenser near a suitable plumbing outlet. Usual requirement by suppliers in Singapore is 2m proximity for water source and 1m accessibility to socket outlet.The portability factor of these lightweight water dispensers makes them ideal for such situations. They are an effective alternative to tap water as bottled water dispensers provide better quality water than regular tap water making it more pleasant to drink or use for brewing beverages.

Piped-in water dispensers

These compact machines are normally bottle-less. They have no bottle of water installed, however, they are usually connected to a water pipe which is part of the plumbing system and so they have an unlimited supply of running water to them. The water is filtered within the machine and then cooled before being made available for drinking.

The installation of these types of water dispensers is slightly more complicated as it requires a connection to the mains water supply. Once installed, they require little maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and correctly. Only periodic filter changes are normally required in order to maintain the purity of the dispensed water.

In some types of machine this may involve cleaning the filtering mechanism while other types of machine use a disposable filter which is simply thrown away and replaced with a new one periodically. This may need to be done every few months or on a yearly basis depending on the specifications of the water dispensers and the level of usage.

When choosing water dispensers for the office or work place it is important to consider the requirements, whether it is a temporary or permanent installation, if there is a suitable water supply to connect to and the volume of usage. If in doubt, bottled water dispensers are a good first option and usage can be monitored over time and if necessary a more permanent installation using plumbed-in water dispensers can be carried out at a later time. Seek advice from one of the many water dispensers Singapore based specialist companies.