If this is your first time looking to buy a hot and cold water dispenser or you are simply not familiar with water dispensers, fret not. There are many types of dispensers, and they can be categorized by various parameters, but when we look at what the customer can or want to use, we always ask customers whether they would like a PIPED-IN dispenser or REFILLABLE.


When you have water source near where you would like to have your dispenser placed, it is possible to go for this type of water dispenser. Many installations are straight forward, typically from under the sink pipe to connect to the dispenser via a 0.25 inch tubing.

So, having a dispenser in a kitchen or office pantry is great for this type of dispenser.

However, for offices where washrooms are located outside the office and where there is no wet pantry or simply it is not viable to do piping to the water dispenser, piped-ins are not suitable. Go for Refillables then.

Quick Assessment

Send us a Whatsapp image of where your water source is & where you would like to place your dispenser at 9001-6441 & we could do a quick assessment for you, almost instantly!

Benefits of Piped-In water dispensers

Piped-Ins or Direct connection to the water source means a great deal of benefits!

  • No more re-ordering of water barrels
  • No more space consuming empty or full barrels
  • No more weight lifting
  • No more hassle of calling vendors for purchase or delivery of barrels
  • Save more money
  • Save the environment – Did you know barrel water delivery is more a business of logistics and delivery? Much carbon footprint is left in the environment for transporting
  • Pipe-ins offer high quality filtered water with uninterrupted water supply

Order now & start enjoying the top quality water you and your co-workers & family deserves, as soon as 1 hour of installation!


When we refer to Refillables here, we mean either the Bottled water (delivered by vendor) used with the water dispensers or the Manual Refillable type.

ii) Bottled water delivery service

Singapore vendors for bottled water delivery service usually offer rental of dispenser with minimum x number of water bottles commitment per week or month for this type of bottled water delivery service.

If you are looking for this type, sorry, you have to seek other vendors, because HappyPenguin offer sale of piped-in and Manual Refillables only, we are unable to be of service to you, even though we would love to.

i) Manual Refillable

Manual Refillable hot and cold water dispenser is not connected to water source, usually preferred by offices that do not have wet pantry or any water source in office. Usually the bathrooms are outside the office units or water source (sinks or bathrooms) are far from where they prefer the dispenser to be located at. For households that prefer the dispenser to be free to be located anywhere in the house or located far from kitchen or bathroom, or for people who are renting their place, this type of manual refillables are great too! No drilling, no hassle, order now & start to enjoy quality mineral hot and cold water your family deserves, as soon as 30mins after delivery and set up.

If you are open to the idea of Manual Refillables, you might want to join many of our happy customers using this type of manual dispenser. We have Mineral Pot Water Dispensers at HappyPenguin.

How does it work?

Simply use a pitcher (jug) and refill the big bottle (ours is a 12-L bottle, we call it a Mineral pot because the filtration offers minerals in the water) as and when you prefer, into the bottle. There is a filter in the bottle, it filters the water and the filtered water goes into the dispenser which dispenses the hot and the cold water.

Benefits of Manual Refillable water dispensers

  • No more re-ordering of water barrels
  • No more space consuming empty or full barrels
  • No more weight lifting
  • No more hassle of calling vendors for purchase or delivery of barrels
  • Save more money
  • Nice and new dispenser (since it is not rental ones)

Hyundai Wacortec Water Dispensers

Hyundai Wacortec is an established Korean brand with well recognized certifications and awards. The dispensers and the filters are made in Korea. Mineral pot Water Dispenser is also made in Korea, but we have replaced the original pot (bottle that comes with the filter), with a compatible, as it is more suitable for our requirement in Singapore market.

A little background on Hyundai Wacortec

Located in Seoul, Korea, Hyundai Wacortec is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of hot and cold water dispensers, water purifiers and reverse osmosis systems, bidets and others wellness products. Hyundai have distributors in over 40 countries worldwide.