Find a water dispenser supplier | Singapore

Finding a good water dispenser supplier Singapore service company is not too hard if you know what to look for and the right questions to ask. There are a multitude of such service providers and a little time spent on the internet should soon yield plenty of possible options. Start by entering a specific search phrase such as ‘water dispenser supplier Singapore’ and you should get a list of potential suppliers in your area. Then it is simply a process of choosing the supplier which best meets your needs.

Typical services you should expect a top quality water dispenser supplier Singapore company to provide will normally include:

  • Extended warranty
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Loan water dispenser equipment
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair

Servicing, maintenance and repairs

A reputable water dispenser supplier Singapore company will provide a full range of service functions for popular models of water cooler and water dispensers. They should have expert knowledge and be able to solve simple problems quickly or give useful advice to help you resolve the problem on your own. You should expect a supplier to be customer service oriented and good ones will have useful guides and information available on their website which you can download.


This is an essential part of maintaining a water dispenser in good condition and operating in an optimal state. Correct sanitizing of water dispensers and coolers should be carried out frequently, around once every three months, based on normal usage. This should be carried out by trained technicians from the water dispenser supplier Singapore location in your area. Certain models of water dispenser require filter changes every six months or so and a knowledgeable supplier will be able to inform you about exactly what regular maintenance is required and recommended to keep your water dispenser in good condition and delivering clean, safe, healthy water.

A quality water dispenser supplier Singapore based specialist will probably also have useful kits available for people who want to carry out external cleaning of their dispensers in between regular maintenance visits.

Loan water dispenser equipment

In the case of a water dispenser requiring a major repair or replacement part fitted which requires it to be uplifted from your home or office and taken to the workshop, a loan water dispenser or temporary water cooler should be made available until the repair has been completed.

Extended Warranty

Water dispensers which receive a lot of use need regular maintenance and run a higher risk of breaking down at some time compared to a domestic water dispenser which is only used by a limited number of people. Considering an extended warranty or a service contract with a water dispenser supplier Singapore specialist can be advantageous, knowing that in the event of any problems with the unit you will not have to worry about paying big repair bills once the unit’s original warranty has expired.

Extended warranties normally cover the replacement or repair of the dispenser if it develops a fault or stops functioning correctly because of a defective component. Once the warranty period has expired it is wise to consider a regular service or maintenance plan to make sure that the water dispenser remains in good condition and operating optimally. A good quality water dispenser supplier Singapore company will be able to offer a service plan to suit your needs.